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Listing Marketing

Don’t List Your Home… MARKET IT!

Put up a sign, put the property in MLS (Multiple Listing Service), hold an open house or two, keep your fingers crossed and wait for the phone to ring. That is the actual marketing strategy of almost ALL agents in the Sacramento area. If your goal is just to get your home sold, then that will work. The tragedy in that approach is that Sellers leave countless thousands of dollars on the table without even realizing it.  At any given time there are thousands of buyers who are not yet actively looking but who would buy the right home if they just knew it was for sale.  Outlined below is exactly what it takes to get your home in front of those buyers in addition to the active buyers.  This is what it tales to get absolute top dollar for a home in today’s market:


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7 Guerilla Marketing Tactics That Create Pent-Up Demand and Industry Buzz…


1 – Great Professional Photography and Videostunning photography and videography designed to interrupt the scrolling/browsing buyer and draw them into your home’s marketing pages.  Combined with A.I. behavior-targeted marketing (#4 below), this is the secret sauce that gets thousands more eyes on your listing than the “traditional’ approach. Listing Marketing Videos


2 – Pre-Listing Marketing Blitzemail and phone call marketing to our hundreds of buyers and to all the active agents both in this area and the Bay Area. Along with YouTube, Facebook, and Craigslist postings all running for at least one week before your home debuts


Marketing Blitz


3 – Neighborhood Rushcalling and/or visiting at least 100 neighbors and inviting them with a VIP Neighbors-only Pass (gets them in 30 minutes early) to your home’s Saturday or Sunday Grand Opening. That way, when the Buyers who have been waiting a week to see your home finally get in, there are people in the home and cars parked in the street. This heightens the sense of urgency for any serious Buyer.


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4 – A.I. Behavior-Targeted Online Marketing Push Using “Big Data”Like it or not, Google and Facebook know everything about everyone. Did you know that, using A.I. (artificial intelligence or machine learning) we can put gorgeous marketing designed to interrupt the browsing/scrolling buyer (see # 1 above) in front of thousands more buyers than the “traditional” approach?  Buyers who:

  • Are 20% to 35% more likely to buy a home in the newt 12 months
  • Earn over a certain amount
  • Have looked for property in your area
  • Have searched for movers
  • Have a certain family make-up
  • Have looked at school information in your area
  • Are not yet looking on MLS or actively working with an agent to find a home, but would buy your home if they knew it was for sale.  This is why we don’t just use MLS, Zillow and the traditional real estate sites like other brokers.
  • The list goes on… And once they click on it, your home follows them around the internet popping up seemingly wherever they look.


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5 – Professional Property Brochures


Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.32.02 AM


6 – StagingWe want your home to be shown in the best possible light to prospective buyers to get you top dollar in the shortest amount of time.  We will help you create a warm and inviting environment focusing on the best architectural features and selling points of your home.


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7 – Extended Market ReachWhen you list with The Merlino Home Team you get access to the Keller Williams Listing System, or KWLS. This proprietary, exclusive system ensures your home is marketed online 24/7 through more that 350 of the most popular search sites.


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So you can see how Power Marketing increases the exposure, the number of showings and the sense of urgency on the part of the potential buyers. When combined with the traditional marketing (MLS, Sign, Open House, 300+ Websites, etc.) Power Marketing causes Buyers to write better offers sooner.

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